Thursday, November 10, 2011

Small Sports EV Concept car the new Honda Beat ?

Of the many concept vehicles Honda has announced will be at this year's Tokyo Motor Show, the 'Small Sports EV' concept car most caught my eye. In recent times there has been persistent rumours, especially from japanese car magazines, about Honda possibly reviving their iconic 'BEAT' convertible sporty coupe of the 90s. The Honda Beat was a small 2-seater is MR configuration and powered by a 60ps engine. The tiny 660cc engine screams to 8,500rpm ! 

The 'Small Sports EV' concept looks very much like an updated Beat. With quite a number of concept cars making its way to production in past Honda history (the S2000 and the CR-Z for e.g. both started life as a concept car), I wonder how good are the chances that this Small Sports EV concept will become a reality in the not too distant future.
As I won't be making my way to the Tokyo Motor Show, I hope that Jeff will be going and if so, that he might be able to dig out a little bit more info on this concept. If he do get it, I will be sure to post them here. In the meantime, Honda supplied three photos of the Small Sports EV concept in their media release for the TMS; three different angles of the car, which are below. Enjoy.


Michael Adhi said...

Love it! Proportion, design and style wise, all flows with grace. The lighting and coloring helps, but the premise (any) of a Honda sports car that harkens back to their roots should be praised.

The Beat after all is the "poor man's NSX" in every way imaginable; seats 2 with a midship and high strung engine. So if this car actually rolls out, I'm HOPING that history will repeat itself, that Honda is prepping a proper super car if the small sports EV managed to find its way to production stage.

P.S. I hope this is relevant info. The Beat is a Japanese "Kei" car which followed regulation of physical size, engine capacity and maximum power output. By regulation, the Beat engine size is limited to 660cc with maximum power of 64ps per the article above... However, the Beat is unique, as it is one of the few (maybe the only one even) to achieve maximum power output through natural aspiration. Every Kei car back then and today achieves 64ps through force induction whether supercharger or turbo charge.

TOVA said...

Back in those 'good old days', Honda engines would rev sky high. The Beat's redline is comparable to the B16As. How I wish Honda would venture down that path again. Surely they can make such engines work with today's emissions and fuel economy regulations ?

Anonymous said...

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