Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Confirmed : Honda CR-V to be launched ON SCHEDULE in Decemeber for the U.S.A.

At our TOV forums, there are now confirmations from dealers that their stocks of the new 4G CR-V are en-route. This directly confirms that for the U.S. at least, the launch of the new CR-V will be on schedule, in the month of December (next month). 

What about Asia ? The flood situation in Thailand is definitely affecting all asian models. Initially it was revealed that there will be an MMC for the City next month and the new 9G Civic and 4G CR-V will debut in Asia early next year.

But, with the Honda facilities in Thailand now under more than 2 metres of water, it is a certainty that all activities related to asian models will be delayed. 

In fact the delays are affecting not only the new models but even productions of current models. Mr Yoichiro Ueno, CEO of Honda Malaysia has said that current stock are only enough for them to maintain supply till the end of this month. Thereafter, the Melaka factory will stop operations due to unavailability of critical components. 
Honda's first priority at the moment is to ensure that their employees are safe from any ill effects of the flood. Next would be to help ensure their suppliers are safe as well. There will be no layoffs but contracts for some short term employees will not be renewed as obviously there are no need for their services (the non renewal of short-term contracts is a normal thing in all industries. Everyone who accepts a short-term contracts knows this well and this renewal should not be twisted into a 'Honda is laying off people' rumour). 

Honda will try to source for parts from other places outside of Thailand but there are some critical items which is only available from Thailand. And at the moment, the flood is not only not showing signs of receding, it is in fact threatening parts of central Bangkok itself. Nevertheless, a friend who recently stopped over at Bangkok for his holiday at Bhutan, told me that once again, all the stories about Thailand seemingly drowning are partially exaggerations are over-hyped. He said that while there are indeed lots of dire concerns, life in Bangkok and many parts of Thailand are still going on as normal.
Things are still very uncertain at this moment and if I get any news, I will update here once I know of them.

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