Monday, January 9, 2012

The NSX is Coming !!! Part Four

The most accurate rendering of the new 2nd Gen NSX so far
Of all the renditions by various automobile publications, internet or published, that we have seen so far, Jeff says the Auto Express magazine of U.K. has come the closest. The illustrations on the left are those we featured on our TOV NNR article and the text below are also from our article. As noted by Jeff, more illustrations are available at the AutoExpress website but the technical details are still unconfirmed at this stage. It is worth remembering that AutoExpress got the engine details for the CR-Z wrong, eventhough it was later confirmed that the engine was changed late in the development cycle for that car. AutoExpress quoted the Insight 1.3l IMA engine for the CR-Z whereas it debuted with a newly developed 1.5l engine.

AutoExpress has two new artistic renderings depicting the NSX concept. They're not exactly perfect representations of the car that was shown to us in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, but these are closer than any of the other sketches that we've seen so far.

AutoExpress has rendered this car as a Honda, and of course the NSX Concept to be shown in Detroit is an Acura, so there are obviously some differences in the grill area. The headlights and taillights in these graphics are shaped pretty accurately, but the lighting elements within the housings are different than what was shown on the actual concept car. The general stance of the vehicle shown in these graphics is pretty close, but the detailing of the back third of the vehicle (particularly the flying buttress c-pillar and the rear air inlets) is probably the least accurate part of these sketches. In less than two weeks you'll be able to see real photos for yourself and we were told that there should be some other details released at that time as well.

You can see the full-size version of these sketches at AutoExpress has a few drivetrain details there but it's not clear whether they are purely speculating or if they've received some confirmed information. 

'Avengers NSX'
For comparison, the 'Avengers NSX' driven by 'Tony Stark' is shown on the left. The actual 2nd Gen NSX is virtually this same car with some detail changes, but with a roof.  


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