Monday, January 9, 2012

The NSX is Coming !!! Part Three

In this post leading up to the final exposure of the new NSX concept, I take a look at some of the renditions of this car on the internet and our subjective opinions on how accurate they are. Since the confirmation of this new '2nd Gen NSX', several renditions have since come out. Some are quite a way off the real car but some quite close. The new NSX is really a hardtop version of the 'Avengers' car that 'Tony Stark' drove to one of the Avengers movie sets for shooting. I did talk to Jeff about getting Neil to do our own rendition but now that the car is going public in virtually half a days time, it is no longer prudent to do so. So instead, I first show five renditions done by other publications and what we have to say about them.

Automotive News Website
It's a decent effort - probably better than anything I could have done but apart from some similarities in several elements, it doesn't look much at all like the real car. PLEASE Don't be disappointed by that image.

The vehicle depicted there looks much heavier and blockier than the real thing. Also, it barely looks like an MR car. Just look at the "Avengers" car and imagine it with a fixed roof and a cleaner rear deck design. 

Automobile Magazine
Better looking, yes. The front end isn't too far off in that one but the stance of the vehicle looks wrong. They missed most of it past the A-pillar. The cockpit tapers more, more tumblehome, etc 

Holiday Auto Magazine (Japan)
Nope, that's definitely not it. The rear is nothing like that at all - the tail on that Holiday auto car looks too long. The NSX concept has a shorter tail - more gallardo/r8-like. from the front 3/4 shot that Holiday auto sketch with the long tail looks more like the american-built SSC.

Best Car (Japan)
Jeff was too busy to comment on this but a later confirmation that the AutoExpress rendition looks the closest indirectly confirms that this rendition is out as well.

Thus far, the Auto Express magazine (from UK) rendition of the new NSX is the closest to the actual concept car that was shown to the media. I shall cover this in the next post.

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