Monday, November 5, 2012

Spy Photos of the USDM MMC 9Gen Civic

Spy photos of the MMC 9Gen Civic, for the USDM, is already surfacing around the internet. At the moment, Motor Trend is carrying photos of the MMC Civic, to be launched at the end of this month. The links to the Motor Trend website is below.

One TOV forumer took two Motor Trend photos and photoshop'ed it to 'remove' the tapes and reveal what he thinks is the actual MMC design. These photos are below. (Lots of TOV forumers are very talented with Photoshop).

Another TOV forumer with proven insider information has offered additional info on the MMC Civic, having seen the actual car with his own eyes. In his own words, the major changes to the MMC 9Gen Civic were described as

Interior yes, powertrain no.........The Hood (bulged due to pedestrian safety), head lights (projectors), tail lights and grill are changed. Inside is about a 70% refresh......The dash, door panels and buttons and switches are changed and the AUX and Charger have a compartment next to it now like the Accord...The seat fabric and quality have been changed along with the sound of the door when it closes...
Yet another TOV forumer, has offered the following information (he is an employee with a Honda dealership)

Wait until you see it in person. Honda brass friends have phoned with their praise. I trust the(m) like my brothers. They never failed me before. I heard that it is absolutely stunning inside and out in the way that the new MY13 Accord is compared to the outgoing '12. It needed to be seen in the flesh. Remember, dude?
The 2013 Civic sedan's rear lighting, classy trim and new flank look extremely upscale. The chrome adds much poshness to its compact car class. The front fascia is very Accord-like, giving it a sporty, fresh, airy and tidier flare. It's more aerodynamic in look and engineering. Higher MPG should result yet test figures are top secret.

Quality of materials, greatly improved interior all-around, a more substantial list of class leading features (safety and otherwise) and the promise of a new model (i.e., hatchback, crossover variant) around the corner following this amazing "refreshened" Civic is extraordinary.

Think back to the doubters of the 9th generation Accord for a reminder and look at its October 2012 sales figures and those comparison and single car reviews of the hot new '13 Accord sedan -- trumping the all new and highly anticipated 2013 Ford Fusion, Fusion Hybrid and best selling Toyota Camry, Camry Hybrid. Amazing! And keep in mind, the Honda Accord coupe has yet to be formally introduced and stocked and the hybrid models are currently unavailable.

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