Saturday, November 24, 2012

'Why Proton ?'

This was the question I had for Honda Malaysia in an informal chit chat recently. The announcement of the Honda-Proton 'collaboration' recently had caused a lot of talk and debate in the Honda enthusiast circle. The main question was why of all partners, Honda chose Proton.

In the first place, I was told that what was announced, as far as Honda's side is concerned, is an agreement to do a feasibility study for joint developments in the future. As far as Honda is concerned, this was the only thing that was committed. So despite what may be read from the announcements, the feasibility study is what will happen but beyond that, nothing has been agreed upon. For all we know, what comes out of the study may well be an echo of that famous song let's call the whole thing off !

As for my guess that a 'Proton Brio' might well be in the works, the response was that Proton's Tanjung Malim plant is an interesting prospect for something in the future. Brio ? There was a smile and a look which suggests "well, what do you think ?"


FiSHChan said...

That is great info, Wong. I know I have not been kind to Proton (and so do all of my friends, family, relative, etc in fact, all bearing burn scar from Proton) but well hope this turns out good in terms of business for both Honda and Proton. After all business is business.

TOVA said...

Personally I feel your reservations are very fair and many people actually shares similar, if not even more negative reservations about the whole thing. What is most feared is that instead of getting a Proton with Honda quality, we get a Honda with Proton quality. Now that would be a VERY bad thing.

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