Friday, January 25, 2013

Civic loses best seller status in the U.S.

One victory but also one defeat. 

In the U.S., the Honda Civic has dissappointly lost its best seller status to the Toyota Prius for last year (2012), totalling 57,124 units sold compared to 60,688 units sold for the Prius. This despite an early MMC to address the concerns from media and long time Honda fans. While many and even Honda themselves have been harping on the original 9G (i.e. pre MMC) Civic being best seller in response to criticisms of the interior and other items, the early MMC was very well received so personally the loss of the best seller status for 2012 was a big surprise and dissappointment to me. 

In third place comes the Toyota Camry, with 50,250 total units sold in 2012 which is again a dissappointment to me as I had expected/was hoping that the new Accord would have helped Honda take this spot. 

Nevertheless, all is not lost as Honda seems to have acquired a greater urgency and a better appreciation and response to the opinions of Honda supporters of late so hopefully things improves this year.

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