Thursday, January 17, 2013

New NSX Concept at the 2013 NAIAS

Currently, all our attention are focussed on the NAIAS, the North American International Motor Show where three significant cars are on display from Honda and Acura. These are first and foremost the much anticipated updated new NSX concept car, this time with a full concept interior as told to us by our resident insider. Honda/Acura also put up the prototype of the new Acura MDX for the show. And on the Honda side, the new Urban SUV Concept, based on the Fit/Jazz platform, makes it world debut at this show. We have multiple, in depth coverage of these vehicles on our main site the Temple of VTEC. For the convenience of readers, the articles related to the new NSX concept car are below:

The photo above is from our own collection. Our complete selection can be viewed at our relevant article in the 2nd link above.


CRV9 said...

So Ikeda said two years. They only have one year to get 99% of the car completed. I'd guess they need the last one year to do their cost analysis & production analysis, 99% should be set in stone by then. They'd have to spec up every one of each new part for production and set each cost/price point, and if they use third party suppliers they'd need to write up & negotiate, every pot must be dotted, every t has to be crossed. Since the new factory is allocated they'd need to plan out their production. I'm sure they are going on concurrently but still.

One more thing. I really, really don't think the engine will revv up to 8,000rpm. My guess would be 7,200(-7,600maybe)rpm ;) because I still think they'll make it ULEV certified. If my guess is right as usual it will be 345hp+89hp(eMotor)=434hp!!!(?)

CRV9 said...

Iwamura san's interview was more interesting to me than Ikeda's. He acknowledged a turbo(eTurbo) is good for mpg and CAFE.
He didn't deny the 2nd NSX without an eSH-AWD (although I really doubt that because the demand wouldn't justify it) He might have been teasing a bit.
However having said so, I like the idea of a small 4cylinder 1.8(1.6l)l w/eTurbo 217hp in a Paws because it gets lighter and gets a little room to have an eTurbo & an intercooler. If probable it will not/cannot look like the eNSX but It'd still had to be based on its basic chassis but outer panels would be different(more expensive) but wouldn't have to be expensive materials. Maybe it's a little narrower & shorter. No, I don't see it. Maybe it's the next CR-Z? No, I don't see it.

I think an eTurbo is very possible & probable. It may become the next ED+eTurbo engines.

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