Thursday, January 24, 2013

Honda regains No2 spot for total sales in the Japanese domestic market

After a 10 years wait, Honda finally regained its No.2 spot in the sales chart for the JDM (japanese domestic market), an achievement last made in 2002. While once again playing 2nd fiddle to mighty Toyota, Honda's total sales for 2012 is close to 50% that of Toyota, coming in at almost 750k versus Toyota's 1.65 million. Coming in close at Honda's heels is the unexpected pair of Daihatsu and Suzuki, both also achieving almost 650k total sales, and pushing the traditional strongmen of Nissan and Mazda down to No.5 and No.6 respectively.

Honda's best selling model remains the ever amazing Fit (Jazz), with the newest variant the Fit Hybrid and Fit Wagon contributing significantly to last year's sales. The Fit ended 2012 as the 3rd best selling car in the JDM selling almost 210k units. The top selling car in Japan remains the mighty Toyota Prius, ending the year with almost 320k units. Other than that, the Freed also did extremely well, ending the year in No.4 spot as top selling car in 2012.

The chart above, as well as the data in this post are provided by our Japan TOV contributor Daniel Garcia.

Top Selling Cars for 2012, Japanese Domestic Market (JDM)
1) Toyota Prius : 317,675 (+25.8%)
2) Toyota Aqua : 266,567 (new)
3) Honda Fit : 209,276 (+0.7%)
4) Honda Freed : 106,316 (+57.0%)
5) Toyota Vitz : 105,611 (-18%)

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