Thursday, April 18, 2013

3G Fit/Jazz Hybrid info

Someone with 'connections' posted this in our TOV forums about the new 3rd generation Fit (Jazz) that is due to be launched this year, probably at the Tokyo Motor Show or just before. 

The new Fit hybrid will only come with the 1.5L engine(last Fit Hybrid came with 1.3L or 1.5L) and in Japan it will be cheaper than this gen 1.5L Fit hybrid, starting around 1.6 mil yen

Production will start at the new factory in Yorii this July 2013.

Electric motor will be in the 20kw class and the car can run on EV mode only.

It is likely this new 3G Fit/Jazz will feature Honda's much talked about 'Earth Dreams' powerplant (engine+transmission), maybe even the new i-DCD twin-clutch gearbox that Honda boasted about last year. Honda essentially claimed 30% improvement in fuel economy over the existing IMA system in those press releases so if delivered, the new 3G Fit/Jazz may well likely take the world's hybrid market by storm. The photo above is of the current outgoing (2G) Fit/Jazz.


CRV9 said...

My reservation is that it's a 1.5l 'Atkison' engine. Considering the 2.0l Atkinson engine produces 120hp, I'd guess this one will do about 85-95hp(120 x 75%). So with a 20wk motor, it will be about 104-117hp? But the torque would be like a 1.8l though. Have I depressed you, yet?
My main interest is where do they put the electric motor's output to? My guess is the output shaft of the 7 speed DCT.

TOVA said...

That is my unspoken hidden fear as well. And as with the case of the CR-Z when it was released, I am expecting Honda to tell me 'it is powerful enough for your use'. But I am really hoping losing the fight for No2 in Japan will have opened Honda's eyes. Let's see then.

CRV9 said...

Takuma Sato has won the Long Beach Grand Prix.

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