Monday, April 22, 2013

Sales in the Japanese Market for February 2013


Honda is on track to regain the best seller in the mini-vehicle category. 
N BOX was the top selling car in Japan in the mini-vehicle category for the month of February 2013 with sales of 22,354 units. The N BOX was the number two best seller for the year of 2012. For February, the N-ONE was the sixth best-selling car with sales of 10,981 units. 

Meanwhile, Honda's automobile sales for February decrease for the second consecutive month year-on-year (since January 2013). This is in line with the decrease in new vehicle registrations for the seventh consecutive month year-on-year (since August 2012).

Fit was the fourth best-selling car with sales of 12,245 units while Freed was the eighth best-selling car with sales of 7,283 units. Step WGN was the ninth best-selling car with sales of 7,155 units.

Vehicle typeFebruary 2013Year-to-Date Total
(Jan. - Feb. 2013)
Honda Brand Total66,393-13.9%122,035-13.6%

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