Friday, April 26, 2013

Honda CR-V 2.4

In the CR-V media drive event, Honda Malaysia confirms that the 4G CR-V 2.4 is on-time for a June launch this year. It is packaged as an upmarket, luxury oriented CR-V and also targeted at those who wants more performance from the CR-V which the current 2.0l version is unable to deliver. Expect full leather interior with hopefully more control over the powerplant to better make use of its greater power, e.g. either a 'Sport' mode or the addition of a sequential shifting option via paddle shifters on the steering wheel. It should be using the same K24 engine that will be put into the new 9G 2.4 Accord when that is launched in the next quarter of this year.

Meanwhile, the current 2.0l variant has delighted Honda Malaysia by far exceeding its sales forecast, almost hitting 3,000 orders within a month of its launch. It also set a new record for highest number of bookings received in a month for any new model launch. This confirms the excellence of this world standard setting SUV and the 2.4l variant should improve it.

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