Monday, March 31, 2014

Japan's BEST CAR on the new Civic Type-R

The japanese domestic car magazine 'BEST CAR' featured 'scoop' info on the new Civic Type-R in its latest issue. Our (TOV) staff in Japan, Daniel Garcia, scanned and translated that article for our 'News and Rumours' section. 
Some very interesting 'claims' were made in that article, according to Daniel, including the fact that the final production version of the CTR could be having as much as 360hp from its 2.0l DOHC i-VTEC DI TURBO INTERCOOLED engine. 

The 'mule' that is currently being tested in the Nurburgring is claimed to already have 280ps max power and 40.8 (!!!) kgm max torque, and supposedly will spin the front tyres (it's still FF) right from 1st gear until 4th ! The final production CTR is claimed will be faster than the 1G NSX around the Nurburgring (more !!!). 

For the full translation, and more interesting details, as well as the scan of the article, go to

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