Tuesday, June 17, 2014

4G CR-V MMC coming soon for the U.S.

Spy shots of the MMC CR-V for the U.S. is showing up on the net now. We (TOV/TOVA) were offered the shots but Jeff decided not to take them because he felt the changes were relatively mild. 

Good call as the shots were taken up by another site www.autos.ca who have already published them. Checking the spy shots, we can see new wheels and reworked plastics on the front and rear - new bumpers, new font grill, and a possibility of DRLs (Daylight driving lights). The headlights are projector type possibly with HID (btw, the current ASEAN CR-V 2.4s already have HIDs). 

Other TOVers have also noticed turn signal lights on the door mirrors  which suggests Lanewatch camera on the Right side mirror. Plus a tiny square button on the driver's side door handle - which suggests push button start/keyless entry for the U.S. in this MMC (which is surprising because ASEAN 2.4 CR-Vs are already getting keyless entry).

The feature photo here is taken from the autos.ca website but you should visit their website to see their full set of photos. Their url is http://www.autos.ca/general-news/spied-facelifted-honda-cr-v-caught-testing-new-sheetmetal/

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