Sunday, June 1, 2014

Rumours of new 2G S2000

New 2G Honda S2000 rumours from Japan

Rumours of Honda resurrecting the legendary S2000 with a 2nd Gen S2000 is becoming very hot nowadays. From Japan, BEST CAR magazine has publishing lots of articles on this rumoured new model. TOV/TOVA contributor DanielG translated the following details from the latest BEST CAR issue :

- a midsize MR (2+2 possible) choice between the Beat (S660) and the NSX (instead of the previously rumored FR setup with a smaller engine),
- powered by the EuroCTR 2.0L Turbo, SH-AWD being a possibility not yet decided.
- priced between 4M and 4.5M JPY
- arriving in second half 2016. 

Dimensions are forecasted to be 4250mm X 1800mm X 1200 mm (LWH) with a wheelbase of 2700mm. The engine is taken from the Euro CTR as indicated above, with an estimated specs of 280ps at 6600rpm and 40.7kgm at 2500rpm. 

BEST CAR has been quite OK with predicting new models but not with their technical details so take this with a pinch of salt and hope for the best.

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