Monday, June 2, 2014

A little more about the 2G S2000

One of our regular contributors who has connections to Honda has offered the following additional info/corrections on what Honda is supposedly planning for the rumoured new 2G S2000. He gave the following points:

- It will be a (USD)$40-45k non-hybrid

- To be equipped with the (new) CTR power-train and a 6-sp manual gearbox. Power is given as 300-350hp, up from the 280ps listed in BEST CAR. The car will be RWD.

- The new S2000 will now be 2+2 (a transverse engine configuration and using a I4 leaves room for a rear jumper seat)

- There is talk of a possible Hybrid model which will have 400hp (!) with a DCT gearbox and with AWD instead of RWD. The price of this is supposedly around the USD $60k range.

According to our contributor, Honda CEO Ito-san thinks sports cars should be MR and not FR.

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