Saturday, January 8, 2011

10 Days, 500 bookings

Honda Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. announced the All-New Insight has now received over 500 confirmed bookings after only 10 days from the official launch. This marks a significant milestone as it is the highest ever achieved confirmed bookings of a hybrid vehicle in Malaysia, within such a short period of time.

In 2009, the total industry volume (TIV) was 505,509 units. Out of that, total hybrid cars sold was just a mere 0.06% which accounts for 297 vehicles. Today, the confirmed bookings of the All-New Insight alone have already exceeded the total hybrid vehicles sales in 2009 by 40%. This number of confirmed bookings is a 12.5% achievement of its 2011 target of 4,000 units.

As part of Honda’s continuous effort to strive for Customer Satisfaction No. 1, Honda Malaysia will expedite to complete the delivery of the 500 bookings within a period of one month. Delivery will start from 15 February 2011.

The All-New Insight is an entry hybrid model priced at RM98,000.00. To further encourage the use of hybrid vehicles here, Honda Malaysia is extending the warranty of the All-New Insight’s battery for another 2 years, on top of the 3-year warranty offered by Honda Motor, Japan. The 5-year or 140,000 km warranty, depending on which comes first, is Honda’s commitment to promote the use of hybrid technology and to provide better customer satisfaction. Furthermore, Honda Malaysia will be reducing the price of the All-New Insight spare parts, especially its battery by more than 40%.

In Malaysia, the All-New Insight is targeted at eco-oriented individuals who believe in doing their part to protect the earth for future generations. It is also intended for independent and image conscious young professionals who are aware of eco issues, and would consider using environmentally friendly products if they offer great value with practicality and style.

For more information on the All-New Insight, please call Honda Toll Free number at 1-800-88-2020, or log on to

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