Monday, January 10, 2011

New Fit variant for Japan : Fit Shuttle

News of a new variant of Honda's most popular model, the Fit, known as the Fit-Shuttle is now everywhere in japanese car magazines.

While not yet confirmed in Honda's own site at, this new variant is FOR REAL. It is a 7-seater compact station wagon in configuration, similar to the Honda AIRWAVE in the previous generation line-up of the JDM Honda Fit (though the AIRWAVE was more a 5-seater station wagon in configuration).

Key components of this new Fit-Shuttle, the design, power-train and so forth as derived from the Fit as with the Airwave. The leaked brochure pages shows that there will be three main types available, a 1.3l, a 1.5l, and a HYBRID. Expect similar if not almost identical powertrain and transmission specifications as the JDM Fit.

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