Tuesday, January 11, 2011

9Gen Civic Concept Debuts in the U.S.

A.H.M. (American Honda Motors) has debuted the new 9th Generation Honda Civic Sedan and Coupe concepts at the Detroit Motor show now running. We are covering this event first-hand via our main (Temple Of VTEC) site which is focussed on the U.S. and Canada markets. For more information and more photos, including our own photos (like the above), please visit our news article via the link below


For the million dollar question now on probably every Honda enthusiasts' lips in Asia, this is not 'exactly' what we will see. The 9Gen U.S. Civic will debut in the U.S. and Canada this quarter itself. The Euro version (which is very different) will follow suit soon. But once again, the JDM version will be a different version from the U.S. and Euro. My understanding is that it will not debut so soon. I suspect (this is a personal guess) the 9Gen JDM Civic will launch probably during in the Tokyo Motor Show which should be run around end of this year. This makes its debut around half a year later than the U.S. and Euro debut. My understanding also is that the Asian Civic will once again be based on the JDM version. So once again, we have to wait for HRT in Thailand to develop the 'approved' Asian edition, then for HAT (Honda Automobile Thailand) to launch it, before we can expect to see it in the rest of Asia.

At this moment in time, I do not have or is not able to discuss more details about the car. I was given an assurance that there WILL be a Civic Hybrid which, as proven by the U.S. version, will use the new Lithium Ion (LiOn) batteries which has been developed by the Honda-Yuasa joint venture. As expected, I could not get any committed answer whether the 9Gen will also see a Civic Type-R or not.

Expect to see the 9Gen Asian Civic end of this year or early next year. This however is just my own personal estimate.


Marvin Chong said...

While the looks of Honda cars in US, Europe and Asia all have their distinct looks, the engine configurations are something that are likely to be common.

Any news? Most likely will be an *R* type engine (like the R18A in the current FD1 or R20A in the current CRV), as the K-series seems no longer used in new 2.0 liter applications (CRV/Accord).

WongKN said...

Yes, your suspicions seems to be correct.

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