Sunday, January 23, 2011

JDM Honda Fit Shuttle (dealer update)

Just came back from the local dealer and saw the dealer pre-release info.

Pics like the one bellow came from the salesmen training brochure.

After having a close look to both brochures and speaking with the dealer, here is what I can tell you :
  • Contrary to some early rumours, it's not a 7 seater, but simply a 5 seater Fit Wagon. The front seems to come straight from the current US version (20cm longer) and the rear has been extended about 30cm to make room for a larger trunk, which becomes class leading in Japan when compared with other compact wagons like the Corolla.
  • Inside expect a Fit except from higher trim details and options. According to the dealer Honda expects some people driving larger vans and wagons to downsize to the Shuttle, which is why special attention has been put over road noise, seating fabrics (which get a suede/leather combo standard on all models), etc.
  • Outside you can see it in the pics, though those have been taken from a phone, probably not with the agreement of the dealer, and they are a bit distorted.
  • Engines are either the 1.5L CVT or 1.3L CVT Hybrid (i.e. exactly the same as in the Fit but without the most popular 1.3L version). Right now I can't remember exactly but I think there was also a 1.5L 4WD 5AT.
  • Rated FE is the same as in the Fit, i.e. 30km/L on the hybrid and 20km/L on the 1.5L FF gasoline. Note that those figures are Japanese 10-15 mode and not to be compared with anything EPA/EUDC stuff. As I said, rated figures are identical to the regular Fit's.
  • As predicted by the early rumours, debut is said to be around March.
  • Price to sit between the Fit and the CR-Z, which is not much to say. Personally, I wouldn't expect to pay more than 200k over the Fit, i.e. a bit less than for an Insight.

Other than that, I'm intrigued by the USDM long front; does it mean there is any chance Honda will bring it to the US? If not, why make it longer and lose some maneuverability; just a matter of styling?

Source : Japanese Honda dealer

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