Monday, September 10, 2012

0-60mph in the Honda CR-Z 6MT

I just put up my article on 0-60mph and 0-100kph testing on the Honda CR-Z 6MT. The article can be reached via If you are a CR-Z 6MT owner who have done similar testing, would be interesting to hear from you and compare results. 

Please do read our disclaimer on standing start acceleration testing.


human668 said...

I believe you could charge the battery to full by rev it @3000rpm in N. For USDM, 2nd gear max out about 57-58mph @6500rpm (rev limit). Definitely need 3rd to reach 60mph. As a 2-seater, the USDM isn't necessary lighter. It's actually the heaviest among JDM, UKDM, AsianDM and USDM.

TOVA said...

Thanks for your info. I have not tried the 3000rpm in N 'trick'. I wonder if it will work with the CVT variant as well. I will make a note to try it when I eventually get the CVT version for review.

FiSHChan said...

Wong, revving the engine for more than 4-5 seconds will get it into charging until you let off the pedal.

I assume it will work with the CVT. Put it into Park and keep the RPM above 2.5K.. it works on my friends HCH

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