Sunday, September 16, 2012

(A little bit) More info on the CR-Z MMC

We have received a little bit more information on the CR-Z MMC which will be launched at this coming Paris Motor Show on the 27th of this month.

Firstly, while the official Honda of Europe's press release has called it the '2013 CR-Z', we have been hearing the term 'CR-Z GT'. It would seem that there is a possibility the MMC CR-Z will be called the CR-Z GT in Europe.

Honda has already announced that the MMC CR-Z/CR-Z GT will feature increases in power of both the petrol engine and the IMA electric motor but yet still keeping the same fuel consumption and emissions. What we have heard from our source is that the actual increase in power is 12ps/hp. However we are not told if this is for the petrol engine alone or for the combined output. Even if this 12ps/hp is for the combined (engine+IMA motor) output, it still means the new MMC CR-Z/CR-Z GT will now have 136ps/hp max power, which will finally make it more than just acceptable. 

Note however that as with all 'scoop' and 'insider' info, there is no guarantee that this is correct or that this will not change when the actual final car is launched in Paris.

The photo above is from Honda of Europe's media site.

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