Thursday, September 13, 2012

USDM 9G Accord reviews now appearing...

A week after its official launch, U.S. reviews of the USDM 9Gen Accord are now appearing on print and around the internet. Unlike the 9Gen Civic, reviews of this new Accord are generally very good to excellent, underlining the fact that Honda have made another great effort for this perennial best seller. 

For the U.S., Honda markets three versions : two variants of the 2.4l iVTEC (the new K24W engine) and the 3.5l V6 (the J35A engine), mated to 6MT, 6AT as well as a new generation CVT. All are the new generation 'Earth Dreams' (ED) powerplants. 
For ASEAN however, we can expect to continue getting 2.0l and 2.4l versions, hopefully of the new ED generation as well. Honda Malaysia used to sell the 3.5l V6 version, even for the current generation model but have discontinued it due to lack of sales (Honda think they can see that no-one is willing to pay 200k or more for an Accord. And yet at the same time, they are amazed when Honda fans paid 200k for a 'mere' Civic - Type-R. Sadly, Honda have never understood it over the years and looks like will still continue to not get it).
For the ASEAN Accord which is expected to come next year, it is not known if the 2.0l version will continue with the R20A engine. For the  2.4l version, remember that in the U.S. there are currently 2 variants of the new K24W engine, one with 185hp and one with 189hp, the difference being in the exhaust system. For ASEAN, based on what happened with the current, soon to be out-going 8Gen Accord, expect to get the lower-powered 185hp engine. For the 8Gen, I did ask Honda engineers why we get the 'lower spec' engine and they told me it's because the higher powered engine required a freer flowing exhaust system which is louder and 'does not' meet noise regulations in certain parts of Asia (I know, when I heard it, it was also astounding to me). 
So expect the new 9G AseanDM Accord to be featured with a 185ps 2.4l DOHC i-VTEC ED engine. Hopefully it will feature a 6AT as well though I do not expect Honda to be brave enough to launch the CVT for ASEAN. Do not hold out for any hopes for a 6MT version, I am fairly sure Honda will not be so adventurous.
For our own (TOV) reviews of the Accord, please go to the link
Currently, at the time of this post, we already have the reviews for the Accord 3.5l V6 (278hp) 6MT and the Accord 2.4l Sport 6MT versions. Jeff and our U.S. reviewers are preparing the reviews for the rest of the versions. Also in the same page are the P.R photos as well as full specifications, all for the USDM specific 9Gen Accord.

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