Monday, September 24, 2012

Three interesting questions from the CEO speech on September 21st.

Honda has published a video of the presentation by Honda CEO Ito-san on September 21st on its worldwide site at The link is at TOV and 'Honda Fan' contributor Daniel, after watching the entire 1hour video, heard a rather interesting question from the Q&A session after the speech that we have not seen reported elsewhere.

One japanese journalist from Reuters asked Ito three points:
1) How well do you think the Beat replacement will do in the market? sales?
2) There is quite a stretch between the Beat and the NSX, can you say something about the ground in between?
3) You talked about the development of a CTR for Europe, are there any chances such car would be marketed as well elsewhere? Japan ?

Summarizing Ito-san's answers:
1) From previous experience we know that sales numbers won't turn any heads. Yet we are willing to do it because we simply feel there should be such a car, and I'm hoping that customers will prove me right.
2) Indeed there is a big gap, in which for example should fit the European CR-Z
3) We are hearing the voices calling for such a car in other markets as well, and we will definitely listen to them. However, our first and utmost priority right now remains focused on the three models I mentioned today, and in the mid-ground the European CTR.

Daniel also wanted to highlight the following cavert: "I listened to the session in Japanese, so I may have missed some stuff. Those aren't intended to be word by word translations, but simply writing in my own words what I understood from his answers. For those that want to try in English, (this question) is the before last question, (almost at) the end." 

Note : Corrected wrong info on the journalist who asked the question.

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