Monday, January 14, 2013

Update new NSX Concept for Detroit Motor Show ?

There are lots of talk about Honda (via Acura) putting out an updated version of the new NSX concept on this coming Detroit (2013) Motor Show. Claims are that the updates includes the interior as well. The photo above was put up by a TOV forumer in our TOV forums but is probably taken from another website. 

Our resident ex-Honda 'insider' told us that Honda/Acura wanted early feedback from 'respected car people' and dealers as they take this new NSX very seriously. According to him, the first Concept was just the Designers idea on the general layout Exterior of the project. This 2nd concept includes the designers general layout of the interior, which is where they are looking for early feedback on. So if feedback indicates the interior is wrong, its still early enough to change it. The shell or exterior will not change much on this Concept Mule but the dimensions will be more correct on this one.

Personally, I am very curious about what constitutes 'respected car people'...


CRV9 said...

I don't see a stick of manual trans. I'm afraid they do get away with it. Or do they?
There are a lot of speculation about its horse power at TOV. I can't see they will do an e-turbo because the car already has 3 electric motors. I don't see they'd make it more complicated and it'd be hard to cool everything, motors, a battery,an intercooler, a turbo.

If they use a low-temp catalytic converter that NASA has developed which will free up the exhaust their new DOHC 3.5l V6 could possibly produce 350ish hp.
350hp per 3200lbs and plus the electric motors would be enough for a road going sports car. Mind you this is not a race car.

Only thing is that I don't know how it'd perform when car mags test it against other super sports cars on a race track, though.

TOVA said...

CRV9, I must thank you for your continued support of TOV/TOVA eventhough you see it fit not to actively participate in our forums anymore. Check out our photos and the interview video for this new concept from the NAIAS.

CRV9 said...

TOVA, you're too kind as always. Mind you though, I was banned from TOV, wasn't my choice. I've lost my interest since.

CRV9 said...

Interesting thing to me from the NSX concept video was they manage to regenerate from three wheels. Sometimes it is the on front wheel. Sometimes it's the one rear wheel driving. I thought it was only from the front wheels. I wonder how do they do it from the rear wheels though.

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