Thursday, May 30, 2013

'Scoop' info on new 3rd Generation Honda Fit/Jazz

Japan's Best Car magazine has published 'super scoop' info on the new 3rd generation Honda Fit/Jazz which is widely expected to debut this year around the Tokyo Motor Show time frame. 

According to one credible person with Honda 'connections', scoop info such as these but coming at so late a time are likely to be quite accurate.

According to Best Car issue for 'June 26', the actual debut date for the new 3G Fit/Jazz in Japan will be on September this year (2013) which is quite nicely timed for the Tokyo Motor Show. Key info are that it will still use a 1.5l NA engine but now mated with Honda's new DCT gearbox (called i-DSD) and will deliver an astounding fuel economy rating of 36km/l on Japan's JC08 fuel rating, which will make it the most fuel efficient car in Japan based on models currently available on the market (though this situation is likely to change).

Best car also claims that the dimensions will remain similar except for an 60mm (slightly over 2 inch) increase in overall length for a new length of 3960mm and an 80mm (slight over 3 inch) increase in the length of the cabin making it 1905mm. Width and height supposedly will remain the same.

More interestingly is the claim by Best Car of the possibility of a Type-R variant for this generation supposedly to be powered by a 1.5l hybrid turbo engine. According to TOVA'er CR-V9, the article actually stated that a turbocharged engine option for the 3G Fit/Jazz is almost a certainty and thus a Type-R 'probably' and which will be using the hybrid turbo engine. The artist rendering used as the main photo of this post is from our own Neal McDaniel, based on the rendering from Best Car on the right.  


CRV9 said...

I'd like to clarify something. They, the Mag, think the turbo is a sure thing if the Fit TypeR is coming (because the Civic TypeR is turbo-ed).
I don't think "Hybrid Turbo" doesn't mean a turborized Hybrid Fit. I think they mean the e-tutbo from F1 is a good possibility. That, I think so, too. It'd be a simplified version of eTurbo. Why not, right?

FittO said...

Wong, of the outgoing Honda cars I found the Jdm Accord 2.4 Type S/Tsx Wagon very good car. Interesting I saw the Accelerator pedal is mounted on the flow like the FD2 type R. Any chance u might have driven /test drove one or the Jdm Fit RS Hybrid?
I intend to buy one in the future i.e. second hand.

TOVA said...

CRV9, as usual, thanks for your regular support and contribution to our blog via your comments.

FittO, very sadly I have to say I have not driven either of the cars you indicated you are interested in purchasing in the future. I would say if Honda is smart enough to sell the Fit RS Hybrid outside of Japan, they would have a winner on their hands. As it is, they persist in believing they know the market better than their customers. Similarly the Accord 2.4 Type-S, that one is again designated 'for Japan Only'.

FittO said...

Honda recently opened a fully backed show room here in Nairobi, Kenya(I believe they are doing that all over Africa). We used to get parallel importers. Even the Brio is here.
That Accord is here too sourced from South Africa so I don't believe its JDM only. I am still curious with gas pedal coz it looks too cool.
We also got both the civic and I can say the euro one looks way better; like a Fat Fit.

CRV9 said...

Hasn't Honda announced that they will strat to produce hybrids in China in 3 years? Do they mean Fits, IMAs? Any info's?
Is China going to be the hybrid car and possibly electric (in city use) nation in the world? It would clear out their air in the cities. Can you imagine if one of their chinese car companies started to adapt.
Nuclear power plants they're building, are they the new kind? The ones that use used nuclear fuels?

I better stop here now. I don't want TOVA getting into trouble with TOV because it seems the purge is still going there. (listen, i didn't say "global climate change" even once.)

CRV9 said...

Well, I watched the press conference of the hybrid & plug-in Accord that DanielGR mentioned at TOV. There is nothing I'd like to add beside what Dany-san has said already on TOV.

As he said that they waited this time around, 50th anniversary of Honda's 4 wheel production, to introduce their new hybrid sedan as an Accord as historical as it may be. As they sound like, they are committed to fuel economy as they move forward to the future as an automaker, at least in Japan.

The technologies of these have been going on developing for decades and they did have some out side help, too. I don't know who they are though. The project leader was so grateful to those people's contributions.
When he was asked what was most difficult thing in the development he said it was most effortful and rewarding to put everything to work out together since they are all new technologies.
When he asked "is that where you came in as a project leader to sort them all out?".
He said "No, I was just watching them do all those excellent jobs."
He sounded so humble and appreciative of his team members (and the people who did the original research and development).

I am still amazed that the 2.0l Atkinson engine makes 160 ph. It's an Atkinson cycle for buddha's sake.

CRV9 said...

It's re-assuring to see there is still a lot of hatred toward Mr. Ito at TOV. Let's get a petition to oust him! Yearh, right. Why don't you ban Ito from TOV? You've got the power.

Speaking by the results, I myself saved Honda ! (laughing). Obviously it wasn't me !
By the way he wasn't joking.
He is not the founder of Honda. He has climbed up through the corporate ladder to become a CEO and he doesn't have his Fujisawa.
He was a CEO of HMC and R&D Honda for the 1st year so that whether this is going to work out or not it's all on him and he knows it and he takes it all on him. He would be the biggest fool or ... (like Soichiro).

Excellent translation!
(I envy Dany-san. he already speaks 3 langauges.)

Just for my ego, a couple of things I'd like to add. Mr. Ito meant that since Honda always withdraw (from anything) in respectful ways (not burning a bridge), thanks to Mr. Oshima. I's rather easier to go back to F1.

Because(since) Mr. Kunizawa has been grilling (poking?) me, I'd be inclined to give our guys more considerations. (thanking for their efforts first 'then' tell them to take it back where it came from. It's not easy nowdays. It's not like when Soichiro was around though he had the same problems in his later years in the company.)

CRV9 said...

Oh, I forgot to add ...

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