Monday, September 24, 2012

CR-Z MMC makes surprise appearance in Indonesia Motor Show

Eventhough Honda officially announced the debut of the CR-Z MMC for the Paris Motor Show on the 29th of this month, in a surprise move, the popular Malaysian car blog reports from the Indonesia Motor Show of the display of an unit of the 'new' CR-Z MMC. Reports from confirms the exterior changes to the CR-Z but the interior could not be checked out because the display car was locked. Official information from Honda Indonesia states a max power of 120ps for the MMC LEA engine and 20ps for the LiOn IMA electric motor with combined max power of 136ps for the 6MT version and 135ps for the CVT version. Max power point is at 6,600rpm and redline is 6,800rpm. These figures virtually confirms the scoop info that we saw last week. 

Meanwhile, official Honda publications like the Honda world site at is still announcing the 'world debut' of the CR-Z MMC at the Paris Motor Show.

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CRV9 said...

Don't quote me though, I don't think the "Plus Sport" system would give you the extra boost like the "push-to-pass" in Indy cars.
I think it says that you press the button AND push(a nudge)on the gas will give you WOT by the DBW and the top IMA output(this, I think is the same as in "Sport mode" but quicker response)at the same time.

What they did to the new 1.5l are a stronger crankshaft, higher rpm, iVTEC.
To IMA are 100V to 144V(I think Vac), 1.5 times more output. The unit is tilted 5* forward for better cooling.

In suspenssions, the newer cast aluminum longer lower arm to accept new wider tires.
Hub bearings are strenthened for tighter camber.
Using stiffer compliant(?) and engine mount bushings. The front stabilizer is changed from 18mm to 19mm. Damper have been retuned for newer 17in tires, too.

I'm not sure these are new.
In 6mt, the shift stroke is 45mm. double cone sysnclonizer in 2nd, higher carbone content simgle cone in 3rd.

Something like that, don't quote me though.

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