Sunday, September 9, 2012

Honda CR-Z scores first result podium in Super GT

The Honda CR-Z has scored its first podium in the Super GT championship, with a P3 in this weekend's race at the Fuji circuit.

Racing under 'Team Mugen' as car number 16 in the GT300 class, the Honda CR-Z is now in position 15 in the team's ranking table and position 13 in the driver's ranking table. 

Note that the CR-Z only entered this year's season from round 4 onwards on July at the Sugo circuit. Currently the drivers are Hideki Mutoh and Daisuke Nakajima and the car is officially the Mugen CR-Z GT.

For those who are wondering, this CR-Z does not use the 1.5l LEA IMA hybrid engine. According to information on, it is powered by a J35A 3.5l V6 engine delivering circa 300ps.


CRV9 said...

CRZ GT's electric motor puts out 50kw(62pn), and was co-developed with Sytec Co. It is a 3 phase AC motor(?) so the battery has an inverter.
The motor and the battery+Inverter are independently cooled by its own radiator.
You can see the diagram here(page#2).

(p.s. should better have different sections on top or side so that we can go back & forth in to different subjects between days and weeks. things just move too fast nowdays.)

TOVA said...

Would you be able to translate the part1/part2 articles for me ? I would absolutely love to put them into a tech overview article in TOVA !

CRV9 said...

Gee, I can't promise you though. Thing is that my interests of translation is gone now. It's not that easy for me. My brain don't work that flexible. It gets harder to come up with comparable words when I'm not in it.
Translation helped me a great deal when I was practicing my english writing skills but I'm content with myself now. It's good enough now.
Translation is more of an art than a mechanical work to me. It all depends on which phrases or words I use, in which order I re-arrange them, I could manipulate or inject my own thoughts in there. I don't mean to sound so grand but it's not just a mechanical work to me. As I said I can't promise though.

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