Friday, September 7, 2012

'New' Honda CR-Z coming this month !

For the JDM, Honda has officially announced the launch of a new CR-Z variant on the 27th of September (this month). The official 'announcement' is on the Honda domestic website This announcement actually doesn't really say anything much, with only 3 teaser photos and the official date of launch. The three photos suggests that the 'new' or MMC CR-Z will get LED daylight running lights (DRLs), a new wheel design and a button on the dashboard labelled 'S+'. What does this 'S+' button do ? There is nothing else on the page.

However, one TOV reader/supporter reports that the main items of significance introduced in this facelift, or MMC, are a 'slightly more powerful' engine and special "push-the-button-to-the-boost" feature. This 'push button' seems like the 'S+' button above. The information suggests that this button offers a function like the F1-KERS, and gives the option to consume maximum of electrical power in short time. However, no other details are available at this time. 

It is not known if or when CR-Z's sold outside of Japan will get this facelift.

There is a suggestion from another TOV forumer who has 'credentials', that this MMC will introduce the new '2nd generation' IMA powerplant for the CR-Z. This is the new 'Earth Dreams' or ED engine with uprated IMA motor and the Lithium Ion battery pack. The ED engine have just been debuted with the launch of the new 9Gen Accord in the U.S. and it would make sense that ED will now start making its way to the other models. 

It is also noted that on the same date (Sept 27th), the CR-Z MMC will also be launched in Europe. According to the European press, the same day will also see the launch of the new 9G Civic Type-R for Europe, which they are guessing will have the new ED 1.6l turbo-charged engine from the HPD (Honda Performance Division) racing Civic. 

Finally, do bear in mind that there have been rumours of a turbocharged CR-Z in the works, a rumour which I was able to confirm as real with one Honda insider I had contact with at one time. So there was also a suggestion that perhaps the European press have made a mistake or was misled, and the MMC CR-Z will see the introduction of the much talked about 'hot' CR-Z that the CR-Z LPL told me in person, that will be launched by Honda. I.e. this MMC will see a 1.6l turbocharged CR-Z which some rumours claims will have a max power of 180hp.

Sept 27th is but 3 weeks away from today. I will be trying to get more info so stay tuned and check back this post often, or go to TOVA facebook at for notifications of updates to this post.


FiSHChan said...

Probably too early to get excited about, but this is most interesting! Thanks for this post!

TOVA said...

Thank you for your continued support !

human668 said...

JDM clips posted a rumor/leak last month about a CR-Z from Mugen.

[News] Soon to become official.
300 limited Mugen CR-Z "RZ" coming this fall.

Car Name: CR-Z Mugen RZ
Base Car: 2013 Honda CR-Z
Horsepower (Engine+Motor): 156+20ps (current 114+14)
Torque (Engine+Motor): 18.9+8.0kgfm (14.8+8.0)
Tires: 205/45R17
Color: Azure Blue Metallic
Battery: Li-ion (Ni-MH)
Other: Mugen Super Charger, full electric boost system

Production: 300 limited, to be sold around Oct-Dec. 2012 in Japan
Price: expected around 4,000,000-4,500,000JPY, approx.

If there'll be a 1.6L turbo version, this Mugen one won't have much reason to exist, UK CR-Z iCF too.

TOVA said...

You got a point there. We will just have to see what shows up on the 27th. I suspect a mild increase to 130ps and maybe +10ps for the S+ button.

lmearles said...

would you think that the 2013 cr-z improvements would be significant enough to effect decesion between 2012 and 2013, or just provide better price for a 2012?

TOVA said...

From what I have been hearing, assuming the info are accurate, and based on my experience with the new Civic Hybrid, it would be worthwhile to wait for the MMC. The HCH was really quite impressive with its powerplant. I didn't expect to be pushed into the seat when I floor the throttle, even if it is only mildly pushed. The new LiOn battery seems easier to hold charge easier as well. The main issue would have to be the price as it is a foregone conclusion the price will increase. By how much is the big question. But the new LiOn battery and IMA motor are, to me, quite a nice improvement to have.

lmearles said...

Sorry, but what are MMC, HCH & IMA

Thanks in Advance

FiSHChan said...

MMC - mid model change (minor changes to a car model between introducing complete new model)

HCH - Honda Civic Hybrid

IMA - Integrated Motor Assist (the stuff that makes Honda Hybrids work)

lmearles said...

are there any pictures of the 2013 cr-z other than the 4 "teasers"

WongKN said...

Unfortunately no. Some Honda fans have also questioned the suggestion of a hot 1.6l turbo version saying that no spy photos or videos have been captured of it on the Nurburgring. So expect a mild-ish but interesting upgrade for the 2013 CR-Z. Again, probably a mild increase of max power to circa 130ps and a more powerful IMA electric motor for the S+ button.

Unknown said...

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