Saturday, September 29, 2012

Honda Malaysia sales breakdown of hybrid models

As one of the countries which have a very good selection of IMA hybrid models and a tax exemption for hybrids, sales of IMA hybrids here has been very good. The breakdown for year to date (YTD) sales of hybrids by Honda Malaysia, as at August and for the year 2012 are approximately as follows:

Jazz Hybrid - 1,600 units
Insight - 1,650 units
CR-Z 6MT/CVT - 1,750 units
9G HCH - 600 units.

This makes a grand total of 5,600 units. For the CR-Z, the CVT version was only announced recently. Since then, breakdown of orders for CR-Z is on the ratio of 80% CVT and 20% 6MT.

The local assembled Jazz Hybrid is scheduled to be launched at the end of this year. Honda Malaysia remains confident that quality of the locally made units will not be significantly different from the current made in Japan unit. In addition, when the incentive for hybrids (the tax exemption) finally ends, Honda Malaysia will make the best effort to continue selling the locally assembled Jazz Hybrid at the same price as the current Japan made units, even with the burden of tax.


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