Monday, October 8, 2012

Honda future sports car model plans

In our TOV/TOVA forums, one forumer talked about the current state of sporty models development by Honda. According to him, Honda stopped all Sports car designs and development in Dec 2008. It wasn't re-started until 2011 which is why we will not see any new sports cars until 2014 (in the form of the new Honda Beat). 

During those three 'dark' years (2008 - 2010) only unofficial side projects which Honda R&D engineers dabbled in on their own time was the mid-engine NSX and Beat.

There is a further suggestion that Honda have been testing an Euro Gen9 Civic type R for a while but the chassis(torsen suspension) couldn't meet performance goals due to the use of torsion beam suspension in the rear. Thus Honda now knows a half ass Civic Type-R will not work...the people won't buy it (this has what long time hardcore Honda fanatics have been telling Honda for the past few years of course). So they have to wait for the Gen10 civic (and start all over again).

The summary of sports cars that Honda is supposed to be working on at the moment, all in the research stage, are as below:

2015 NSX $ 150,000 range

2016 Baby NSX $ 75,000 range

In 2008 Honda was working on a baby GT HSV V6 Rwd Coupe and roadster.
The design team is working on it again.

2015 CTR 1.6L I4 TURBO 280hp

for Europe

2016 American CTR(Prelude)

Using Euro drivetrain with 4ws
most likely coupe

2016 Japan CTR(CR-Z) 

Note that other than the new Beat which is supposed to come out in 2014, the earliest that a hardcore sports model is scheduled to be launched is 2015. This means that for next year (2013), the only sporty car in Honda's lineup will continue to be the CR-Z, albeit now in MMC form and with a 12hp boost in power.

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