Saturday, October 27, 2012

New Honda Brio sedan

Honda has put up a teaser page for a 'new sedan' in their HAT, Honda Automobile Thailand, website. This new sedan is recognizable as being based on the new mini-car 'Brio'. 

The only info so far for this new sedan is that it will be using a 1.2l engine, probably based on the LSeries. To watch the teaser video click the following link

This follows the mid-year speech from Honda CEO Ito-san about the Brio's future here in Asia:

In Asia, in order to compete in and win in highly-competitive low-price markets and fulfill the diverse needs of customers, in addition to the all-new Fit Series, Honda will add sedan-type and utility-type models utilizing the platform of the BRIO, Honda's strategic model for Asia.


Unknown said...

The Honda Brio is a five-door subcompact hatchback produced by the Honda in India and Thailand. It will also be the first Honda car in India to feature a diesel engine. As its name Brio says it is an energetic and cheerful car.
Honda Brio Sedan Price

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