Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Honda Jazz Hybrid reviews starting in TOVA

We have started to post our reviews on the Honda Jazz (Fit) IMA Hybrid at TOVA (http://asia.vtec.net). 

The first review in our series is the test drive. 

Next up would be the Genting Run, 0-60mph & 0-100kph acceleration test results, dyno run results and finally we will close by posting some of the videos we took during our review. 

Check back often and do tell us what you think.

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fishchan said...

Wong, been meaning to ask about the brakes, how do they feel. I also want to ask about the Insight ones and the 9th HCH. Because, very apparent on the 8th HCH, that is the only really terrible thing on it, aside from having less engine power ( that IMO can be more acceptable than the unpredicatable brake since people like me are used to driving underpowered cars/vans as my previous jobs require).

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