Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Civic Type-R to have 280hp and challenges the Renault Megane RS

The U.K. website '' has published a 'scoop' derived from their conversation with the Honda U.K. M.D. Dave Hodgetts about the forthcoming new Civic Type-R. quotes Hodgetts as saying amongst other thing:
"The new Civic Type R will be a total reflection of the fact it used to be an icon and will have really, really high performance,"
"There is an understanding at Honda that the last one wasn't up to the level expected. We really need an iconic halo car and the new one will be the genuine article." quotes Hodgetts as saying the new Civic Type R will hark back to the success of the Integra Type R models with high performance at its heart.

"Power output will be around 280bhp – it's a proper car,"
 and most interestingly,
"Honda want it to be the fastest front-wheel drive car around the Nurburgring so it will be up against the Megane RS. That's a challenge, but it will be a genuine sports product harking back to the good old days."
Looks to be interesting times three or even two years into the future as the new Civic Type-R starts testing in the Nurburgring and Honda fans can see if Honda will be able to back up this claim. 

the link to the 'scoop' is

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CRV9 said...

I'd think it will be a turbo. I don't think they could get 280hp from a NA 4cylinder engine. And I believe high revv is out for good.
Is this the new Honda where each region gets to choose to do their cars from the tool box? Then so, will this Type-R go blobal or not? It's knid of tricky, isn't it? Who actually gets to choose to do the R? AHM would like to do their own Type-R, too? Or a RWD car instead?
That was one of the reasons I was interested to see what they did to their concept car, the EV-STER EV convertible, a RWD car.
And considering the eFit cost ~$30,000+ with Honda's production expertises, I wonder how Tesla could produce their more mainstream cars under $50,000, though. I hope so though.

(P.S. MalcolmR is at it, again at TOV. Since I can't post there anymore. Here are couple of sites you can get some info's.

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