Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Gen2 NSX to debut at the 2014 NAIAS ?

The U.K. publication has published yet another 'scoop', this time about the new Gen2 NSX that is scheduled to be launched in 3 years time. 

According to Auto-Express, during their attendance and coverage of the recent  Sao Paulo (Brazil) Motor Show, they were told that the new NSX will debut in a few months time in January 2013 at the Detroit Motor Show (also called the North American International Auto Show or NAIAS). According to their short article on their website at

A top exec for Honda Brazil told us at the Sao Paulo Motor Show, that the ‘real’ NSX will be shown in Detroit after the show car has finished its duties here in Sao Paulo and then at the Tokyo show in November. Our source also revealed that the styling will remain ‘identical’ to the model you can see here on the show stand.
The 'show-car' mentioned is the concept car that Honda has already shown. So the claim is that in this year's November Tokyo Motor Show, the same concept car will be shown and then in the NAIAS in January next year, the actual car will be shown. 

When TOV/TOVA readers read this news, some were understandably sceptical. Despite the claim of a 'top exec (but from Honda of Brazil) telling us this news, it is in direct conflict to Ito-san's announcement that the new Gen2 NSX will only debut in three year's time, making it a 2015 car. Based on traditional U.S. launching time-lines, this means that the earliest the car will be shown is on 2014 which is quite far from January 2013...

Subsequently, one TOV forumer who we believe to have connections inside Honda (we have a few actually) post the following, which seems to shed the proper light and clear up the contradictions.
Also the NSX info release from Sao Paulo
but the reporter got the message lost in translation!
It was said:After the Tokyo Auto Show the Production
NSX will be shown at Detroit.
OK..... there is no Tokyo show there year,it is every other year! So after next years Tokyo show the Production NSX
will be shown at Detroit(Jan 2014).
Yes, it is true that the last Tokyo Motor Show was last year (2011). TMS is held bi-annually, alternating with the Tokyo Auto Salon which is held on the year after a TMS (and where there will be no TMS). So the next TMS will be on 2013, i.e. next year. This is confirmed. Based on this clarification then, the NSX will debut in January 2014's NAIAS and not next year's NAIAS. This also correlates well with an actual launch date of end 2014 which is the correct launch timing for  2015 cars in the U.S. Note that the photo used here is our own and is the concept NSX from this year's NAIAS.

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